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True stories, poetry, interview and radio plays written, performed and produced by youth in a secure care facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Happy Holidays, everyone!  This episode, Tank is joined by Xman, Jor-El, and Gordo as they look at bizzare holiday traditions from around the world.  Then, Indio gives us a slam poetry piece about Christmas, both as an idyllic childhood memory, and the hardships of being in lockup at the holiday season.  Junior takes us through several interviews with the staff and residents about their feelings regarding giving and recieving gifts, and finally, Xman and TC take a look at New Year resolutions for the year.  Finally, a reprise of last years Christmas song by KO and Young In.  Merry Christmas everybody!

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As you go through life, Different people come and go, and you learn different things from them.  Some people are around your whole life, some momentarily.  But no matter what, you have to say goodbye to everybody.  This episode, the contributors at Sending Messages look at what that feels like, and how it affects the way we look at relationships.  Tank is the host this episode, and he is joined by Alias, Eagle, Lil D, KO, and Jay - L.  Send us feedback, and thanks for downloading!

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Happy Halloween everybody!  This witching season, our contributors have put together a series of pieces dedicated to the creepy ghouls that haunt your Halloween dreams.  Zombies, ghosts, Frankenstein's Monster, Vampires and Werewolves.  We also have two holiday poems, interviews, and a look at the origins of the Grim Reaper.  Stories this episode from Gordie, Jay-L, Eagle, Tank, Gee, Junior, Dee Trill and DJ Bronx.  Hosted by Tank.  Download now.

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For this 4th of July episode, we at Sending Messages thought we would explore the concept of freedom.  What does it mean to truly be free?  What does freedom mean in a corrections facility?  Dubski is joined this episode by KO, Magic, Alias, Eagle and Buddy, as well as others.  Stories about personal freedom, physical freedom, opression and escape.  Download now.

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This week, the contributors at Sending Messages wished to share stories about their experiences with their fathers, the lack of those experiences, and the challenges that many of them face, being fathers now.  Dubski is joined by Alias, T Razzy, Eagle, Wrek, Jay L, and KO.  These stories are sometimes sad and sometimes uplifting, but always honest.

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Happy Mothers Day!  This episode is all about the first woman in our lives, our mother.  But the experience that our contributors have had ranges from the tragic to the uplifting, and a lot of them in between.  Poetry from Taylor and Alias, a slam poetry piece from Yours Truly, music from NMZ, Dan, KO and Dee Thrill, and a letter from Kaylee.  To finish it off, an interview with Jailen, Gee, and Jay-L.  Dubski hosts this episode, as well as contributing his own acoustic song. Send Us Feedback!

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There is a series of violence prevention organizations springing up in gang and drug infested communities all across America.  A great number of the people involved in these movements are former gang members and drug dealers.  In 2010, acclaimed documentary filmmaker Steve James followed three of these violence 'interrupters' through the troubled streets of Chicago, documenting their struggle to end gang violence in their community.  This last winter he brought those same three interrupters to the Sundance film festival with him to show the film.  This gave the staff at Sending Messages the opportunity to meet them and interview them.  Here's what happened.

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This episode is all about telling the truth, and what happens when you do.  Each of the contributors today bring stories about being real.  True stories and poetry about addiction, being locked up, making the right decisions and finding your own identity. Our host, Dubski, is joined by The Voice Behind The Wall, Zee, Buddy, Yours Truly and 711. Also, a musical contribution by KO and Young IN about how a persons background can influence their future.  Please leave us feedback, and thanks for downloading!    

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Happy Valentines Day!  This week, join Dubski as he brings us stories about love, romance, or just dissecting the holiday itself with Wrek, Alias, Magic, Eagle, T-Razzy and more.  Also, a new song about love and romance from our musical contributors, KO & Young IN.  Enjoy!

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