Sending Messages: The Podcast
True stories, poetry, interview and radio plays written, performed and produced by youth in a secure care facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.

This episode is all about the choices we have to make in our lives. How to decide and what the reprocussions of those decisions might be. Stories from SLS, Lyric, Pee Wee, The Architect, and Hope. This episode is hosted by Tortuga. Thanks for listening! 

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Happy Halloween Everyone! This episode we take a look at legends and folklore, choosing legends that help explain the struggles we have gone through. Stories from JZapp, Defy, Ghost, Sotia, Blackford, an interview with Pallance and a song from Oxygen. Thanks for listening!

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This episode is all about the two faced, the back stabbing, the loss of trust and belief. Betrayal. How it happens and what it does to us when we experience it. Storiers, music and poetry this episode by V, Tiger, Majors, Chance, Lyric, Scarecrow, Spark Of Courage and more. Hosted bty Blackford. Thanks for listening.

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At times in our lives, we aren't given a path that makes sense. We are forced to move along and try to make the best choices we can. Risky, Ozo, Chance, Shadow, Rocky, the Architect, Outcast, Jhop and more. Stories about striving to make the right decisions, and what happens when we relapse, and get lost. This episode is hosted by Blackford. Thanks for listening.

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This episode, the Sending Messages contributors bring fictional stories they created specifically for this episode. Shadow, Anomaly, Jay Genuine, S.L.S., Tiger, Vanished and more bring you original stories of loss, hope, humor and more. Hosted by Majors. 

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At times in our lives, we have all felt shattered. Our lives broken into pieces. In this episode, we tackle what this feels like, and how to try and repair ourselves. Stories and poetry by the Architect, V, Zeak, Risky, Anonymous, Shadow and more. Hosted by Blackford. Thanks for downloading!

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This episode is called Object Lessons. Each piece is written from the perspective of an object that the author chose. Some of these are everyday objects, while others may be specific to experiences that residents have had. What can we learn from the things that these objects have seen, or felt? Stories from Jay Genuine, JHop, Shadow, Snow, Zeak, Angel, Lyric and Majors. Hosted by Hope. Thanks for downloading!

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Can success and wealth be a disease? The contributors at Sending Messages put the theory under the microscope. See what they discover. Pieces by Yroc, Bryte, Ozo, Rydl, Dream, MT and more.

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