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True stories, poetry, interview and radio plays written, performed and produced by youth in a secure care facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Happy Holidays, everyone!  This episode, we are taking a look at the holidays from a whole new perspective.  From the ways that commercialism has stolen the true meaning of the holidays to some personal struggles that the contributors have experienced.  We will also be exploring some of the strange old traditions from other countries, as well as an anti-suicide psa.  Hosted by The Architect, with pieces by Lalo, The Hatter, Illusion of Reality, Neo, Zeak, Trial By Tears, The Warrior, Franchize, Anomaly, Chance, Lyric and more.  Hope you enjoy it.

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We take for granted the objects that we use everyday.  We never stop to think about where they come from, or what perspective they would have of the life they live. This episode is entitled Object Lessons.  Each piece today is written from the perspective of a particular object.  Some are everyday objects, while others may be specific to the experiences residents have had either before their incarceration, or while in secure care.  Stories from Zeak, The Architect, KBone, Lyric, TANK, Yours Truly, Spark Of Courage, Low Key, The Street Lawyer, Illusion Of Reality and Rocky.  This episode is hosted by Viscious.  Thanks for downloading!



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Happy Halloween everybody!  We have a HUGE episode for you this month.  Stories about folklore, legend, and myth from The Hatter,Trial by Tears, Street Lawyer, Anomaly, Rocky Lalo, Franchize, Radd Kidd, Lyric, Low Key, The Unknown, Zeak, Mr. 206, KBone, Spark Of Courage and The Architect.  Eleven poems, two songs, two stories and a spooky radio play.  KBone hosts this episode.  Special thanks to Denver Olmstead. Thanks for downloading.

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Childhood is a time when we learn lessons, and discover the world around us.  But the truth is, many of the contributors at Sending Messages had their childhoods taken from them at an early age.  Listen to stories this episode by Tank, Rocky, The Unknown, Dee Trill and TC.  This episode is hosted by KO.  A Warning:  This episode contains subject matter that may be disturbing to sensitive listeners.  Listener discretion is advised.

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 Each of us at Sending Messages  plan, hope, and dream of one day.  The day we get out.  Getting a chance to experience freedom once more, to see our families, and hear those doors slam behindus.  But it isn't that simple.  Once paroled, each of us face new challenges, new obstacles and expectations.  How often is the dream we wish to obtain also the most frightening way to fail?  In this episode, we try to tackle what that means.  What are the hopes, dreams, and fears when we get out?  Join KO as he takes us through stories by Rocky, Lil Hulk, TC, Dee Trill, Tank, and others.  Thanks for listening.


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Music affects us in so many different ways.  Some music makes us happy, other music makes us sad, or nostalgic.  This episode, the contributors at Sending Messages discuss the music that moves them, and what it is that makes it so important.  K-Bone hosts, and brings us pieces by Junior, TC, Jay-L, Taylor and Dubski.  Thanks for Downloading, and don't forget to send feedback!

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How important is it for us to understand the world around us?  To experience other cultures and beliefs?  In this episode, the contributors of Sending Messages take a look at the world around us.  KBone hosts this episode, and is joined by Lil Man, Wrek, Dan, Ater, and the Unknown.  Send us feedback and let us know what you think!

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Everyday we pass judgment.  We don't mean to, but it is a natural human reaction.  But what does it mean when we judge?  What can we do to try and change the way we see others, or ourselves?  This episode, the contributors of Sending Messages bring you true stories, poetry and interviews tackling this subject.  TC hosts, and is joined by Tank, Little Man, The Unknown, Gee, Lil Hulk, Rocky and more.  Thanks for Downloading.  

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This episode, listen to stories about all of the different kinds of education life can give to people.  Stories about school, faith, drugs, and even a book review.  TC hosts this episode, and is joined by Dee Trill, KO, Self, Alias, Tank and 7-11.  Enjoy the show, and be sure to send feedback.  Thanks for downloading.

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In this episode, you will hear both happy memories and struggles dealing with losing loved ones and how it has impacted the ones left behind.  Letters to fathers, brothers, sisters and cousins, this episode has allowed our contributors to say some of the things they didn't get a chance to when those people were here.  TC hosts our episode, and is joined by Jor-El, Junior, Quick, Eagle, Lilman and Slick.  Thanks for downloading, and be sure to send us some feedback.

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This episode of Sending Messages looks at the ways in which you move on from the mistakes in your life.  The hard work, faith, and determination that it takes to truly look beyond the struggle, and do something better with yourself.  TC hosts this episode, and is joined by Alias, Tank, KO, Eagle and the Voice Behind The Wall.  Send us feedback and enjoy the show.

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