Sending Messages: The Podcast
True stories, poetry, interview and radio plays written, performed and produced by youth in a secure care facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.
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As part of our Adobe sponsored Move the Dial  initiative, Sending Messages is proud to present "Girl Talk", stories from five female creators talking about the broad and complex topic of sexism from the unique perspective of girls housed in Utah's juvenile secure care facilities. Pieces from Belle, K., Kaylee Jay, Lil Bit and MiKayla. Hosted by Sending Messages mentor Gabriella Huggins. Thanks for listening!

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On today’s episode of Sending Messages, youth at Wasatch and Farmington Bay Youth Centers share pieces about new perspectives, mind altering substances, and lives changed. Original poetry and narratives from Josie, K., N., Tosh, and Ceda. Hosted by mentor Gabriella Huggins. Special thanks to Bonnie Shaw for allowing us to showcase the great writing workshopping she's doing with youth in Utah's facilities. Enjoy!

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This episode, Spy Hop travelled to the Southwest Youth Center in Cedar City to hear from students there. The seven residents created a podcast about the misconceptions facing youth in secure care. Stories and poems from Kode Ice, The Lone Legionnaire, P.S., Daytona Kid, Batman & Robin and Magnum PA. Spy Hop instructor Jana Davis hosts this episode. Thanks for listening!

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