Sending Messages: The Podcast
True stories, poetry, interview and radio plays written, performed and produced by youth in a secure care facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Happy Holidays everyone! This year, the Sending Messages crew brings you stories of being locked up and missing family and loved ones from Logic, Bryte, and Dream. Also, funny plays and narratives from well known Christmas characters brought to you by Angel, Trial By Tears and Mighty Apex. Finally, a brand new holiday themed song from our hosts this episode, Rydl and Yroc. Thanks for listening! See you next year.

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The world is full of cages. Places made to hold someone or something. Sometimes these cages are easy to recognize, but often times, we don’t know we are in them  until we try to break free. And then, the escape can be difficult. With stories from Alesana, the Architect, Troy, Vicious, Slim, Mizz Dre, and Mr. Nice Guy. Hosted by Rydl. Thanks for downloading!

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This episode is all about building. Building dreams, setting goals, creating new paths and foundations to achieve something new. Stories this episode from JHop, The Architect, RYDL, Rocky, Angel and more. Hosted by Yroc. Thanks for listening.

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Happy Halloween! This episode, we hear about legends and stories all having to do with this spooky holiday. Contributions this month from Angel, Global, Logic, Troy and more. Hosted by Riddle. Thanks for downloading and go to for more episodes!

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This episode, we look at memories. For many in lockup, memories can be a painful thing, when we sit and reminisce about the mistakes we have made, and the choices that hurt others. But memories can also be a release, a way to calm our minds, and heal. We hear stories from KBone, Logic, Mizz Dre, Trial By Tears, and a song from The Hatter. Hosted by The Architect. Thanks for downloading!

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What does freedom really mean? Are any of us truly free? At times it can be considered a positive thing, but sometimes too much freedom can lead someone to commit crimes, to lack respect for laws, and in turn, lose their freedom all together. Stories this episode from The Scarecrow, Mr. 206, Anomaly and The Hatter, JHop, Risky, Chance, Joe, The Architect, Global and more. Hosted by Zeak. Thanks for listening.

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Often times the experiences we have had are beter left in the dark corners of our mind. Sometimes the things we have experienced can be too ugly or too unbelievable. We would rather keep them buried and forgotten. This week, stories from Risky, Calligraphy, Zeak, The Architect, Lyric and Trial By Tears. Hosted by The Outcast. Thanks for listening.

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This episode, all the stories are about mothers. Those who stayed, those who left, and those that were never meant to be. Poems and stories from Logic,Chance, Suny, Tank, Alias, Anomaly Risky 1 and more. Hosted by Rocket. Thanks for downloading!

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We wrote 23 stories, all under a minute long. Personal stories about regret, poems about love, letters to those who have passed on. Radio plays about the end of the world, songs about incarceration, aliens, monsters, ghosts, and things you would have to hear to believe. Listen to the Sending Messages crew go wild on this one.

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Loyalty is a bond that is so important. But sometimes, it can also be a trap. This episode, The Architect and Trial By Tears host a series of stories, poems and songs all about loyalty. Stories by C-Low, Gee, Lyric, Illusion Of Reality Lalo and more.

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In this episode, the contributors at Sending Messages take a look at several versions of being trapped, both in metaphor and literally. Trial of Tears hosts, and is joined by The Architect, Gee, Anomaly, TC, Chance, and Mr. 206.

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Have you ever felt like life has given you toomuch to deal with?  Or that there is no light at the end of the tunnel?  In this episode, hear experiences from students lives like this.  With pieces by Mr. 206, The Architect, Chance, Trial By Tears, Lyric, Blackheart and Radd Kidd.  Hosted by Illusion Of Reality.

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This episode is dedicated to the memory of Thomas.  A loyal friend whose life was cut tragically short only a few weeks ago.  Three of the contributors to Sending Messages were friends of Thomas, and wanted to share their thoughts here.  Pacman and Franchize share poems, a song, and interviews with Zeke.  With special help from Lalo.  Hosted by the Architect. Thank you for downloading.

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