Sending Messages: The Podcast (podcasts)
True stories, poetry, interview and radio plays written, performed and produced by youth in a secure care facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Episode 7


This week is hosted by Rey.  Stories about addiction, letters to lost loved ones, songs about struggle, and reminders to keep ones self strong.  Rey is joined this week by C., KO, Self, MT, NMZ, Magic, and Jose.  Please leave feedback.  Thanks for listening.


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Episode #6.

Download Episode #6 now!  This week, stories about the loss of identity, memories of childhood and drug abuse, as well as experiments with rap and poetry.  Some sad, and others uplifting and hopeful, Sending Messages continues to bring real stories from a real place.  Ace is joined this week by Ater, Brandon, Kaylee, Yours Truly and Zee.  Music this week by Idyll Rigamarole and Sleep Whale.  Leave us some feedback at

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Episode #5.

The show this week is dedicated to one of our classmates who tragically passed away this last month.  Rest in peace, Kaylee.  Today's whole show is comprised of interviews compiled and edited together by Rey, all meditations on mortality, and opinions about an afterlife.  The interviews feature Rey, Kaylee, Dan and one of the staff here at the facility.  As always, hosted by Ace.  Music this week by Digitonal and Winter North Atlantic. 

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Episode #4.

This week, stories about the hardships of family relationships, the different concepts of strength, wishing for a regular high school experience, and two tales of the horrors of addiction.  As always, hosted by Ace, with music by Malevolent MC and Joel Brown.  Leave us feedback and rate us at itunes! 

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Episode #3.

Download Episode Three now.  This week features a story about a friend's tragedy, a poem about saying goodbye, a story about a nightmare, and two letters, one into the past, and the other into the future.  Ace is joined by Sam, Dan, Ater, Taylor, and Andre.  Music by Heterodactyl and Eliza Sharon.  Send feedback to

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Episode #2.

Episode two is now available.  This week Ace is joined by stories from Taylor, Brandon, Sam, Yours Truly, and Kaylee.  Music this week by Digitonal and Orion Chacon Hurst.  Leave feedback on itunes and get more information at

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Episode #1.

The debut episode of the Sending Messages podcast, hosted by Ace, contains stories by Rey, Dan, Sam, Taylor, and Jose.  Music by The Direction and Sam Burton. 

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